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Personal training and functional fitness tailored to your fitness goals.


“I was drawn to ROC City GRIT because the classes were intense, well-planned and had great energy.”

Private Sessions & Group Classes

ROC City GRIT prides itself on providing excellent private and small group training classes in Rochester, NY.

About ROC City GRIT

Carly is a Rochester native. In 2004, Carly moved to St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands and lived there for five years. During that time, she also lived in Juneau, Alaska, and in 2009 she moved to Key West, Florida, where she fell in love with road cycling and competing in races. After moving back to Rochester in 2014, Carly soon realized she wanted to bring her passion for fitness and health to others. Carly is certified in Spinning, Stages Power Cycling, Group Fitness, Kettlebell Coach, and Personal Training. She believes that fitness and a healthy lifestyle are a way of life, not just a fad or trend, and about finding your balance. Carly’s specialty is functional training. Working with kettlebells, tire flips, slam balls, and body weight are a few favorites.

Personal Trainer Certified

Nesta Kettlebell Coach

Stages Power Cycle Coach

SPIN Instructor Certified

Red Cross - CPR and AED Certified

Private Training Sessions

30 Minute

1:1 – $35

45 Minute

1:1 – $50

60 Minute

1:1 – $65

Group Classes

Private Small Group

3-5 people
60 min


Large Group Class

45 – 60 min
Drop-In – $13
10-Pack – $120

10 Packs available


10 packs are available for $120

“Carly has been a strong motivating person in my life. She has helped me find my strength and self confidence with her “Yes You Can” attitude.”

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 7 PM
Sat-Sun: 8 AM – 7 PM


332 Jefferson Rd
Rochester, NY 14623